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Box 1, Folder 3, Item 10- Letter to Ora Morgan from Pauline Shakleford (1902 April 28)
Norman Oklahoma
April 28th 1902
Mrs. D.T. Morgan
Dear Sister I was elected at Convention here. Sat 26- Primary See of Cleveland Co Ole I write to
you far [[?]] in the work why is expected of me in the work are there any [[?]] for that line of
work or helps to inform me of my duty from where can I get a list of the Sehavly in the Country
and the names of the primary teachers in each school.
Please write me and give me the plan or method of work as Primary See under the [[Augpias?]]
of the [[Seri?]] Trial work what is expected of me as County see. Yours in the worlds
Pauline Shackleford
Norman Okla. Ter