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Box 1, Folder 3, Item 9- Letter to Ora Morgan from Bessie M. King- (1902 April 11)
April 11, 1902
Dear Cousin,
I have sad news to tell you- Mother is very ill and sinking rapidly. We do not expect her to live
though the day. She has been unconscious since Wednesday. I got here last night but she does
not know me or anyone else. She has a tumor which is pressing against her liver and she suffers
agonize [[?]] when [[?]] the difference morphine.
I will write no more now- I'll send Love-Affectionately
Bessie M. King
Powhatan Co.
(Friday) April 11, 1902

[[written annotation on envelope]]
Did not date Uncle's letter
Thank them for kindness to us I believe she knew what end would be
[[/written annotation on envelope]]