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Box 1, Folder 3, Item 8- Letter to Ora Morgan from Dell (1902 April 16)
April 16 1902
Dear Ora
Did you see, that sad [[?]] of Aunt Sarah’s death 11’oclock last Saturday I write you that so of
you had not you would know, for I would want to write them. It is [[underline]] so-so sad, I
would not let myself think she would go just yet for her general health was good so did think
she would rally, that night last Saturday.
I see, such a good note from her and she was so hopeful and cheerful. I cannot think at the time
she was restful to go just yet and she expected to live that age, but we all [[?]] she was ready
and willing to it. So I hope she good Father will. We are looking for letter from you any day, If
there [[?]] off the afternoon will make more there.
All love Dell
Heard yesterday that Ella Martin [[?]] was very low had sent for Uncle Luther and Aunt Sarah
she has been very [[?]] for peace find saving by [[?]] You will see Herald with another death in
so hard I write that for I cannot realize it. but will here to presence Edna will soon leave for her
long I do not know her gone it [[?]] this afternoon I cannot tell you her busy I am . When are
you coming, much go?
Sis Dell