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Box 1, Folder 3, Item 7- Letter to Ora Morgan from Mary (1902 April 20)
Perry O.T.
Apr. 20, 1902
Mrs. Morgan:
El Reno. O.T.

My Dear Friend:
Now you may be receiving a letter from me. I've been looking for one from you since you went
home. The good sisters of the "Aid" asked me to solicit you and Brother M. and Porter for an
"offering". We, the "Aid" are making a quilt, each square will hold nine names the one in each
of the centers is .25 ch. a name those on the outside 10 c. a name. We thought you would like
your name on the quilt of Perry, Beloved Perry!

[[written in margins]]
I've written this letter hastily. And Many questions Mr. Helen gone to call on Bro. B. and all the
children, but Chas and baby gone to Junior Endeavor, let me hear from you soon. And come to
see me, yes you must come again to Mrs. T. Car that diamond. ha! ha! She asked me because
they have run it. Lovingly yours. Mary W. H.
[[/written in margins]]

We would like very much in to han a 25ch. name from each of you, and as many 10 ch. for any
of your friends whose name you would like to have on the quilt.
Please don't think me as cheeky. But would be pleased to receive your names by next Thursday.
We will meet with Sister Kennick.
We are planning much work next Sat. be minted to begin our exchange.
We met with Sister Paessler last Thurs. Elected offices. Pres. Mrs. Edwards. Vice Mrs. Paessler.
Sec. Mrs. Tucker. Tres. Mrs. Luther. We got [[underline]] seven [[/underline]] new members.
that afternoon.
Mrs. P and S amended the "Episcopal Guild" Tea. at Mrs. Farmers on Wed. afternoon then
made 10 calls. Found several not at home. Now don't be scared when I tell you I made 18 calls
last week.

[[end page]]

[[start page]]

We intended to call to call on the new ministers yesterday but learned one was moving and the
others away. We had a big preacher at the Christian Church this morning. That is he is "big"
Brother Baby of Salt Lake.
Garr has a good sermon. I'm afraid he is too slow for sister Davenport slower than the old
preacher. Bro. T. is entertaining. He didn't offer to do it. They are hoping to get him to here.
But I don't really think he wants to. He is over a town lecturing.

[[written in margins]]
Mr. Holler asks me to enclose a clipping for your benefit, may not be appropriate by and by the
hopes not. You ought to hear him laugh when I read it to him and he me send that to Bro.
[[/written in margins]]

Had a call to Waco Texas came from there here. Will give this letter out Tues. night. That will be
a pay lecture. Tomorrow evening, he gives a free lecture. We had a good audience also last
Sunday. Mr. Holler gave them some "parting words" last Sunday. They were not as soothing as
some you have heard. He said some good words for you and Bro. Mo. Oh. I wish you were here
so I could talk to you. Can't you come up again soon? the much time. Bro. Mo. goes out on a
"Town." We are still here and may remain all summer.
Haven't sold every house in our block, but one, is for sale. We are all really well But I’m not so
weak all the time. Miss Seward was so sorry she did not get to see you. Also many others Miss
Martin says you had better not do again. Come up here and not come to see them. Miss M.
takes quite