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Box 1, Folder 3, Item 5- Letter to Dick T. Morgan and Ora Morgan from A.R. Heath (1902 April
Covington Indiana, April 19, 1902
Dear Children,
Bessa King writes they buried Sister Sarah Maxwell 6 miles from Maxwelton in an Episcopalian
Cemetery well kept (by her request.) Episcopal minster read their service. May so looked down
and lay in bed all day. Garret terribly broken up by it. One of Sarah’s sisters will stay with them
a while. The first place was backed and casket covered with flowers. Bessa has to go to
Washington today. Tallmadge and so many great and good leaving us but others rising. A
Congress member preaching in Washington that no one can be happy in any place or condition
unless they are a Heartfelt Christian and all most all young people and children are praying and
working to Convert the world to hate sin and love Righteousness the Glorious Day of the Lord is
Dear Dick I mail you John Gregory’s letter and Mine folder. Hoping you can loan the company or
take $3 or $5000 stock in the Company and get them to stop selling stock and 4 or 5 of you own
it all, I am trying to sell my 50 at string town to put 500 or the $1000 get for it into that mine.
The veins always go deep and get wider and richer, they can see 2000 feet, I think it must be a
fortune. I write today to sell either piece of my land there for $5000 and put it in that mine
stock if you can go see it and put in $5000 and get the Company to ban the selling of any more
stock. Surely it will develop itself of theirs 20000ft. in site and assays. 4.35 to 39.33 average
$171/2 wider and richer deeps can’t you go see and back in a week and write me what to do

from mine, and if they will wait on me after 10th May, only 3 or few yet discovered in fare
1902. Return Goes letter to A.R. Heath