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Box 1, Folder 3, Item 4- Letter to Dick T. Morgan and Ora Morgan from Dell

Forest Home
Covington Ind.

Dear Brother and Sister
We were somewhat surprised on receiving your letter telling of your intended flight. Yet we
ought not be surprised, for some you have gone West we are likely to receive word any time
telling of some change or intended something here all good for you. Suffer no damage of your
leaving a telegram as they say of babies if the change does not make you sick and am glad for
some reason that you have gone, for it is some honor for a man that be chosen by his fellow
men and same special business and Ora am glad you made the trip for if you do not get that old
or cold it will be pleasant in many ways and that I would not like to think of all three of you
when not really necessary.
Have you many friends visit with? We do hope you will go on and visit Uncle Garett for you
could have such a delightful visit, and it would be almost wicked to be so near and not go. They
are getting old and the only Uncle and Aunt you have Uncle is quite hard of hearing. We had a
good letter from him since Holidays. We hope if the weather is not too unsafe and you may go,
but do not go any place and expose yourself for that will take all pleasure away
I hope you will meet Elder E.W. and the oldest daughter and think it would be pleasant for you
to meet for your Father were such particular friends, and the Ella part of your name was for
Humphrey for her Father were the mindset the families were friends.
Now about your trip home, Dick said you had not decided that as all had been so sudden about
the trip of course you cannot but I am fearful that mother will be so unpleasant you will want to
rush around and get through and settled again, but do not like to hear you first it all for fear
something would happen, now let me fix it and you come now you remain and let Porter come
after you, for I have set my heart on a visit from you this time and will not take no for an
answer, and I am fearful you will regret it if you do not, for I am sure you will not come again
and find the home as it is in not pleasant to think or tell about but I have had to look so many
things in the face for the past year or I have to speak to someone. Edna will go away last of
afraid to take a music class and will be gone all Summer at least So I hoped and expected you to
be with me a part of the Summer. Now think that and act. Do you know how long you will have
to remain in W? Dick almost forgot to tell a little joke on you, you wrote a letter to Chester
Heath and directed it to Covington Indiana, as it was C.L. Heath it came as Harper mail, and he
saw the mistake, mailed it back to you it so space you will see or hear from it something say did
you see, our notes of acknowledge meant after we check our box, and did you see, my letter

before Christmas. Dear Ora you write me when Dick has it he and can mind it journal for later
each day and you will soon here a letter
Loving Sis Dell