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Box 1, Folder 1, Item 26- Letter to Ora Morgan from Dick T. Morgan (1898 Sept. 1)
Morgan & Pancoast, Lawyers
Perry, Oklahoma
J. L. Pancoast.
Dick T. Morgan
September 1, 1898

My Dear Wife:
This is Wednesday September 1st 2pm. I read your and Porters good letter yesterday morning.
Your letter afforded me much genuine satisfaction. I assure you that I appreciate all your words
of consolation and encouragement, and will treasure your words always. On your account I felt
my defeat the more and I know you above all would be sincere in your words. When you get
home I can explain more and better why I felt paid for the effort I had [?], and I think the future
will have some reward. By this time, I presume you are at Prairie Creek and of course I am
reminded again what I would like to much to be with you, but will have to forego the pleasure.
It is to remind you to express to Mother, Homers, Cousin Biley's and all relations. What I regret
so very much that I cannot visit them now, give my love to all.
I paid Mrs. Williams yesterday just at noon. I stepped into her place and paid her $17.00 and
some short girl was there. I think she said she was to leave this evening. I was in Guthrie
yesterday- one affect I had was to secure a stenographer- I had heard Roscoe Bales some, but
he works in the land office and is sometimes too busy to do our work. I did not get any,
however, it has been quite warm here lately. I have generally feel pretty well. today is one of
our windy days. Mr. and Mrs. were in to-day. She inquired when you would be back. and how
you were.
I suppose you I was a long time writing you about my defeat How it been riveting it would have
gone my Telegraph- but defeat was, well it was a different string. I was-well- you know about
how I feel, when I was on my way home- in brief, I guess I have no good excuse. However, just
know I not been defeated as I was to triumph if nominated.
Well, I want to write Porter a few lines so I will close. I am now counting the days when you will
be back- and I will be glad to see you, so close byYour loving husband,
Dick T. Morgan