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Box 1, Folder 1, Item 19- Letter to Ora Morgan from Nina Duncan (1896 March 22)

Keytesville Mo.
March 22, 1896

My Dear Mrs. Morgan:
Mamma asked me to write you a few lines and let you know something of our new home. We
arrived here the next morning after we left Perry and was very tired from our trip. Our furniture
was delayed at Lexington Junction therefore we got here first. We stayed at the Hotel until next
after-noon and got rested well before fixing up our house. We are about fixed up now and like
here very well so far. We have not got acquainted very much yet, but find those that we have
met very sociable and nice people. I think we shall all be contented here after while. Mamma
and all of us enjoyed our visit with you all so much, and hope we may have a visit from you all
sometimes in the near future. All join in sending love to all.

Nina Duncan