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Box 1, Folder 1, Item 3- Letter to Ora Morgan and Family from Dell (1889 January 27)

Forest Home
Covington, Ind.,
January 27, 1889
Dear Ora and All,

[written in margins] Do you think of coming home this year?

You could not guess what May and I have been doing all day. So I will tell, something and
swimming and, flicking through my new search book that May gave me for Christmas two years
ago, and we have just finally finished. It is pleasant work, it looks it and work with the really
bright lantern and it was a splendid day for such for so stormy the night and not afraid of callers
disturbing me.
Of course you know of Mr. Swimmer's death thought the Lakes were guilty and in Pa and
Harper meant first time Harper even went away from Archie at night, were in Toma when the
telegram came, had no time that for look for away one instant with us and feed and milked so
Evan Claude Carrie and [Owen?] played and Archie thinks so much of him, so he just took
Harper's room and took care of Archie [might?], Harper was gone that night and we did not
have a [Freckle] of trouble , Harper brought Edna home with him but she is not [ladylike], but I
never saw tiny children these thoughts more of are another them they do Edna never calls him
anything but Brother or Dear or Darling, and when Edna gets to anything be go home Archie
will continue crying and begging his Papa to take him home, and will say his wishes her to stay,
but cannot stand to see them cry. Edna grows more and more like Mary every day.

I do not know how long she will stay. Possibly expected to take his mother home with him for a
time at least but she will be mad so getting or what you are thinking of getting and me could
not get all in one day so you and Edna more left until another time and we here not been in a
store since before Christmas. I with general others were more it at in Jennie DuBois’s hand this
day. And May was in it and the dancing children and Eas.
The only thing was hare been of, and I have been in town only twice since the Fair, but
something will come before 4 of July. Mrs. Summers has been very sick since Mr. S. died.
Her 3, Serelda, Bon and Clara were home this afternoon and I have had such a dreadful
headache, could not move this morning. Ora did you receive a letter from Edna, she wrote you
from time last year she read and raved me. Any answer, we came near having a ball the other
day, she was talking about you and said that Ora is my girl, she is so frilly so much bells look this
Aunt Dell. Then I said I did not think these were much frankly about a lack of bounce. Then she
guessed Armie again forth may and I and find you up again faults of me in regard it to looks and
got the [Albrummer?] only and such a time, you would have laughed. I have heard the dialogue.

I laid this aside some days thinking I would have an affectionately it early a letter and send you
in nagged father and Sarah about me and triggered I copy and send you it will explore it see
what it could be. Did I mind that Lizzie M. spending the time in Washington?

Of course they ran into Will and Clare H. Clare has grown very fleshy and Grey is almost as tall
as Will would more than two or three inches’ difference and the other boys are each a good

size. Your Uncle Wilson little girl is about as old as Porter, and Willie the little boy much older,
he has been terribly afflicted from my care, came very near losing his hearing and now he has
something the guilt of big mistakes are made. Sarah and I think, when she has a new boy baby
and one of its hands is badly deformed or rather surely fork of a hand, too bad too bad for
Uncle had such terrible health that was enough to contend with. Grace wrote you that Mat and
Mattie Berg had married back Monday. Received a good bill of farm Mrs. Harper first of the
week home I wish I could see her, or Frank and Harper started the 20-u as they intended, for
some your home had a priest from them, hope they will not get for Hart. He made great
preparations, the day I wrote your letter and sent a package from Hat containing a handsome
cushion for Mother, and first as handsome for second for was for Archie, for me simple glove
should be of blush colored with white satin quilted with blue silk ribbon same color as blush
and a little silk handkerchief knife for Archie, I use the stick and outside [waffle?] you send use
gifts but the end has been of kind, but thanks for good gifts to us, of course we use greatly from
asked, and get it was laughable. You misled me to tell you of our Christmas. I will try. we spent
the day very quietly, had over friends for breakfast, Pa was not at home, Willie was here.
Mother a wore calico dress from Harper and a handsome tidy.
May Hart and I were gaining to give her a eat of teaspoons but they made a mistake and
grabbed a set of tablespoons and send them instead I sent them back for them and get off of
hands so that friends were spoilt. me jane and Harp had a splendid pair of gloves, and Evan a
plain Pain and a tie. May gave Willie a very pretty made short-chain, and I a tee. Harp gave me
sink flannel for house jacket, I gave May Collar and Cuff Balloon, and to me May gave a thimble
a clean and not so heavy and of an end. And I gave simple Willie gave E.P. Race last book

finished last Fall just before his death. A story of the late War. Archie reads a book, box of reads
ball, and box of books, and we had candy and oranges Rick, and the family in the old house we
gave thanks for a Christmas dinner.

We favored the day very quietly. Willie took a little hand, we had our chickens, mine and his
and so on remained. I have all day only Willie took a little haunt. I start the day making some
book marks. I send any correspondence but run out of material before I got around I will get
something else and make one for your name Behle. May a Christmas Carole and Ollie
Faringfield sent me a card Evan gave Mother a hairband. May bottle of Perfume Archie paintbrushes and I a box of candy toffee and E. Pa we got a set of coffee buttons.
We did not know you fallen purposely but we did not know what you would like or what you
ought to have for you tell what you have been.