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Box 1, Folder 6, Item 2-- Letter to Ora Morgan from Dick T. Morgan (1902 October 12)

Oct. 12, 1902
Dear Oda:
This is Sunday P.M. I arrived at home this morning at 2 a.m. I left home last Monday at noon on
the south bound train. [???] a wreck (freight-train) delayed us so I did not get to [Stratford]
until midnight-[?] speaking at [Stratford]. Next day rode [???]- spoke in P.M. at small [?]- [?]. At
night at [Cordell] co-seat [?] rode 30 miles over land. Next day rode to [??] 15 miles where I
spoke in P.M. and then 15 miles to [?] where I spoke at night- both being country places [?] all
night there. Next morning rode to Weatherford where I spoke that night. Next day took train
for Elk City where I spoke that night. Next day (Saturday) went on [train] to homestead where I
spoke at 2 P.M. and night spoke at [?] 30 miles west of El Reno. [???] I [?] and came home. I was
sure on the go but to my surprise, I came home in good time- but little if an [?] and feeling all
night. [had] on the [?], good meetings and [?] results. I do not have any appointment Monday
but from Tuesday (The 14th) I am [?] to the 26th as i told you in my other letter Well, how are
you any way. I thought I would find a letter from you- but when I got home I was disappointed.
You must be awfully busy. Well, you will certainly write soon and say when you are coming. This
week he weather has been fine- Last week it was cold and rainy. I hope you are well. I was glad
you were growing [?] in the [?] as pa [said]. With lots of love and many kisses- I remain your
affectionate husband