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Box 1, Folder 6, Item 3-- Letter to Ora Morgan from Dick T. Morgan (1902 October 19)
Oct. 19, 1902
Dear Ora:
This is Sunday P.M. I spoke last night at [?]- a town in [Grant] County. I had to get up this
morning at 6 and get my breakfast and [take] a leave and ride 15 miles to get to railroad- the
main line of [Rock] island in order to get home by noon [(1225)] [?] Sunday. [?] is on a branch
railroad- but the rain did not leave here in time, so I could get home to-day at all unless I made
the drive. Well, one [?] in coming was my expectations to hear from you bur I found no letter.
Consequently, I was very much disappointed. I have spoken twice a day nearly every day this
week and have [?] it very well. My voice has stood it better than I expected. I have had to make
[?] drive of 12 or 15 miles and I have caught a little cold- a ht. I am sneezing and running at the
nose, and I am suffering in that [?] a little to-day. But I think I will be all right. I am [billed] for
this week. I will begin at [???] tomorrow P.M. and go [???] county. I have heard nothing about
our date for last week of Campaign from Oct 27th to Nov 1st.
My meetings have generally been quite successful- fair audiences- and good attention. I recon
you will soon be on your way home- I am looking for you at our time now0 and surely you ought
to write me at once and let me know when you will come. But perhaps you will be at home when
get home next Saturday evening or rather morning. I expect to get home about one o’clock next
Saturday night. Mrs. [?] came home this week. Well, as you have written so little I suppose you
do not expect long letters from me. So I will close and write a short letter to Porter. So good by,
dear, for this time. Hoping to see you soon, I remain, with love, and kisses enclosed, your loving
Dick T. Morgan.