File #1515: "CAC_CC_039_1_1_6_0004.pdf"



Box 1, Folder 6, Item 4-- Letter to Ora Morgan from Dick T. Morgan (1902 October 23)

Enid Okla Oct 23 1902
Dear Ora:
I am out on my Campaign trip. Have had good meetings and so far I have stood the trip well. The
weather has been fine. I saw the committee ([?] Republican) and they have agreed to send Porter
a ticket to come home to vote. So I presume he will come. I supposed he will leave Des Moines
about Friday night Oct 31st and get home Saturday night or Sunday. I have spoken this week at
[??] Billings [???} and speak to night at Ringwood 30 miles west of here.
I will be at home Saturday night about one o’clock.
Well, I hope you are well, and enjoying your visit. I presume when I get home Saturday night, I
will either find you there [or] find a letter stating when you will be home. So good by for the
[present]. With lots of love and plenty of kisses, I am your loving husbandDick T. Mogan