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Box 1, Folder 7, Item 1- Letter to Ora Morgan from Mrs. R.L. Edwards (1902 Nov 30)

Perry, OK Nov 30 1902
Dear Sister Morgan,
We just returned from Stillwater Leaving Spent thanksgiving there. And forward your letter
waiting. And to say hat tit was gratefully received does not half express it. We came home
Friday Morning and the Ladies Aid met here that Afternoon Mrs. [[Peesston?]] read your letter
to the Society and they all just with me in sending thanks. I gave the check to Bro. Holler
yesterday and he was so Thankful and glad to get it and said he would
write to you right away. Charles is now on the road to recovery as the fever is all gone but he is
very weak and looks so pitiful he is just a little Sceleton the other children and Sister Hollett
have begun to look like themselves once more. They are very anxious that you come to see them
before they go away. we postponed the box serial on account of the bad weather but we hope to
have it yet. but The Ladies Aid and some of the men too made up a purse. for Bro Hollet and we
got $20.00 for them and they did seem to apreciate it so much of course I had to explain when I
gave [[strikethrough]] got [[/strikethrough]] the check so I first told them I had reason to write to
Sister Morgan and I had told her of their sickness so to express her sympathy she sent the check.
I did not want to hurt their feelings or make them feel as though they were objects of Charity.
They seem to feel more kindly for the McCullough family than for themselves. People have been
real kind to them and I think they have
the sympathy of every Christian in the community.
Now I will try to tell you what we are doing, for when I wrote you before. I had first come from
there and my heart was so full that I only though of doing something for them. We Ladies have
started an exchange or rather it has been started for 6 months we have it at Dennis Bro [[Stere?]]
each Sat and it has proven to be the most paying thing we have ever tried we have made about $
one hundred twenty//20.00 in the six months over
we have paid off one note of $150.00 of church debt. $84 dollars interest and have $75 dollars in
treas and we gave $70 dollars on Bro Bagbys salary. but now it is getting late and I am nervous I
just can't write this evening so will close you asked about the children They are real well now
and have grown to be great big rugged boys you wouldnent know them Marshall goes to [[?]]
school evy [[?]] Alone. So thanking you once more and hoping you will visit Sister ++ some I
am truly your friend
Mrs RL Edwards.