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Box 1, Folder 7, Item 2- Letter to Ora Morgan from Mrs. R.L. Edwards (1902 Nov 17)

Perry OK. Nov 17 1902
Mrs. D.T. Morgan.

Dear Sister Morgan,
No doubt you will be surprised to receive a letter from me but when I have fully explained matters to
you I know you will receive it gladly in one way. Perhaps you have heard of the misfortune that has
come to Bro. Hollett and family but i hardly think so or you would have written or come to see them, I
will begin and tell you all last July Bro Hollett Sister Mrs McCullough and family
came from Iowa to visit the Holletts they were on their way to the New Country. Shortly after their
arrival here one little boy took typhoid fever and was sick for 5 or 6 weeks at Sister Holletts there they
rented a small house and moved to themselves. it was only a short time until Mrs McCullough and two
more of the children took down with fever. Sister Hollet went back and forth trying to do the work for
both families until she was almost down they kept getting sick until there were 6 children and the
Mother down at once, they
were almost destitute of any thing finally Mrs. Hollet let us people of the Church know how bad off they
were and we went to work and got nurses and helped them all we could but Mrs. McCullough and one
little girls died the rest all got well but Sister Hollets whole family except Otto and Bro H have had it little
Charles is still very low Mrs Hollet is sitting up but not able to do anything it has been ten weeks since
she got sick, we made up money for the McCulloghs
family and got $75.00 but that didnint go very far when it came to paying nurses and funeral expenses
there has been a good deal of clothing donated to the children too. and Mr. McC is able to go to work
now. Bro H had to give up his position in Iowa na come home to take care of his family. And they are in
great need of everything money clothing and everything. Bro H told me only last Sat. if he should sell
everything their home and all their furniture it would not get
them out of debt he has been forced to borrow money to live on. he go some from a man in Iowa They
expect to move there as soon as Charles is able. Bro H spoke of you folds and said he knew he could get
money from you by writing and asking but he didnent want to owe so much when he didnent know
when he could return it, so it first occurred to me that I would write to you and explain their
circumstance. And tell you that the Ladies Aid are going to give a box social

next Tuesday evening and give Bro H the proceeds and if you and Bro M would like to give a little
donation ( or a big one [[?]]) it will be so thankfully received by them and the Ladies of the Church too.
You know how poor we are and have been struggling to hard to pay off our church debt, and we had to
pay 70 dollars on Bro Bagby's salary while he was here if you feel disposed to give them something send
it either to Bro H or Mrs Peassler or myself don't tell Bro H I over asked you for a donation for he feels
bad to think that people have to help him but I know you knew them and know they are a good worthy
family and deserve to be helped. hoping this may find you enjoying good health
I am Sincerely your friend
Mrs. R.L. Edwards
608 T. St.