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Box 1, Folder 7, Item 3- Letter to Dick T. and Ora Morgan from Mr. R.M. Hollett (1902 Nov 30)

Perry, O.T. Nov 30 1902

Dear Bro and Sister Morgan,

Mrs. Hollett is writing you this evening and I also will write. I did think I would write a letter of
congratulations after the Enid convention and again the same thought possesses me when it was
thought Cross was elected. Then the impulse to write cause many times [[?]]. But I thought I had
nothing of particular interest to write and therefore desisted. I had
[[strikethrough]]therefor[[/strikethrough]] however resolved to write you soon before we move to Iowa,
[[strikethrough]]When [[/strikethrough]] Mrs. Edwards handed me your generous message worth a
great deal to us just now the resolve was strong [[?]] and as a result you are being afflicted with this, In
the first place I wish to thank you heartily and sincerely for your gift and express the hope that you both
may find it convenient to visit us and other friends in Perry before we go, We hope to be able to be off
by the 11th but we may be [[strikethrough]] able[[/strikethrough]] detained longer on account of
Charles's weaknesses.
I left for Iowa the 25th of June. Had [[?]] bar work until I was called home the 14th Sept on account of
Sisters' death and Wife's sickness. Since then I have been busy taking care of the sick- Preached twice at
Pole, This and the
generosity of friends here and in Iowa have contributed $90.00 or $100.00 to our physical well being.
For all of which we are profoundly grateful. All of which proves to me that the Church is better than the
Lodge. But the Woodmen must have due honor for they have $15.00 of the above. We are indeed
grateful that more of our [[?]] family has been taken from us, We hope to go with renewed energy and
strength [[strikethrough]]hope[[/strikethrough]] to the work in our new field, near Marshall town, Iowa.
The pay there all things [[?]] will be $150.00 to $200.00 better than we received here. Now dear friends
may we hear from you by return mail of your health and prosperous well being. and of your purpose to
visit over next Sunday.

Very Truly and Gratefully
R.M. Hollett