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Box 1, Folder 7, Item 4-- Letter to Dick T. and Ora Morgan from Mrs. W. H. Hollett (1902 Nov.

Perry O.T.
Nov 30. 1902
My Dear Friends:I know we have neglected our old friends. But are often thought of you in our affections. But it
seems impossible for Mr. Hollett to write to more than a card to our own sisters and bor. and
Grandpa. But ever since I got able to write I have thought I would write you. Still I did not know
for sure you were at home. Bro. M. we saw by paper was in Perry while we were all so sick and
did some to see us. Mr. Hollett sister and husband and eight children came here the 2nd of Aug.
with two children sick with Typhoid fever.
Mr. H. was still in Iowa. They were here three weeks with one boy we did not think would live.
He got so they could move him they got a house and carried him on little bed. They only hoped
here to stay a day on no. On their way to Lone Wolf. in about ten days after they left our house
all the family were down sick. but the father the mother died and one little girl 9 yrs old. Mr.
Hollett came home when his sister died. Found us in bed sick. I had been sick a week. I took my
bed Sept. 8th never left my room for 9 weeks. Fever six. Marie took down next day after her
papa got home then followed Baby Carol and Chas.
Chas. had a replace six weeks ago last Thursday and has not left his bed yet. I think he will be
able to sit up soon to day. Poor little fellow is so thin. But I'm not giving to telegram all our trials
and troubles but I'm writing this letter to ask you both to come up and spend next Sunday with
us. We expect to leave for Iowa by Dec. 15th, at the farthest. And we want to see you sure
before we go. Now I do not expect Bro. M. can come to spend many days but Ora, you come up
just as early in the week as you can. and stay as long as you can. I have a good girl, am [[?]] to
do much my self. Have Nellie Lee here serving for me.

[[written in margins]]
there is so much I want to tell you. And you must not disappoint me. You may wonder why
others escaped to ha that spell of when Dr. More called "walking typhoid" one year ago. and
the D. thinks that why he must do this time Love and Good Wishes Mary W. Hollet
You must both come, for we want to see you so much. You will please accept our thanks for the
gift you sent via of Mrs. E. Our good friends have been so good to us in the way of gifts. She
friends here have all been so kind in many ways. And our dear old Arlington friends have not
forgotten us. Bro Allen send down a "fire" when we first began Winter. It was to get something

for the "Convealescents" he wrote. Then I had a great surprise on Nov. 12 (My birthday) by
receiving $25.00 as a "birthday present" from them. 20 for my present and "five" from their
children for my childrens Christmas We did no know we had so many good friends This sickness
has put us in debt so that we will have to go back to Iowa poorer than we came to O.K. Our
"Nurse Bill" was only $100 Lizzie Mayhew was Nurse at night. Mr. Hollett took care of us in the
day Dr. Wabon was our Dr. and we think a great deal of time. I'm going to expect you in a few
days. Be sure and let me know what train you will [[?]] on