File #1550: "CAC_CC_039_1_1_7_0005.pdf"



Box 1, Folder 7, Item 5- Letter to Ora Morgan from [Jane] Crawford (undated)

Chain of Love
Link No 17.
Sister Morgan,
A little band of women are working faithfully to raise money fo rate purpose of building a
Christian Church at Yukon Okla will you help them in their Home of love.
by returning this letter with one dime enclosed to their Treasurer Miss Nellie Jackson Yukon,
Okla and make their coffers of then and send to each of your best friends
Number your three letters [[?]] member higher than this or as give the same number each of
the three you write. The Chain rarely number twenty five [[?]] so when twenty give is reached
make no more. Send the dime only [[?]] [[?]] do not brake the chain for the small sum of and
dine and the Little work it requires but if for any reason you should brake it please return This
letter to the Treasurer so They may know when the Chain is broken
your Sister in Christ
Mrs. Jane Crawford