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Box 1, Folder 27, Item 4- Letter to Ora and Dick T. Morgan from Dell (1905 June)

June -1905
Dear Sister and Brother I have been wondering why you did not write for not a line from either
of you since Feb. have that so after would jog your memory but for the month or more writing
has been such a task I seldom write and I regard so much I cannot for I go so seldom get enjoyed
writing my absent friend have not been [[?]] the get but twice in one

[[written in margins]]
Now do not worry about Mother for if she does not get stray we will let you know. Will write
you a card soon anyway and you write Sister Dell. [[?]] [[?]] rec. your birthday letter from
Grandpa and mine later this now [[?]]
[[/written in margins]]

[[?]][[?]], but I will not worry you or myself by telling my unpleasant feelings. I did not know
until yesterday that I was so indebted to you people, we rec. letters from the children and they
explained, as the package came from Chicago thought of course they were done [[?]] the
engraving was beautiful but so queried around that we would think it was [[?]] way and another
something else So i gave it up and [[?]] my thank to the children. Dear Sister and Bro, rather late
but please

3 accept my most sincere thanks and a bushel of [[?]] for they are beautiful and I did not deserve
such C and P. [[?]] us so we pleasant [[?]] that you are all coming in Aug. hope nothing will
prevent and all can be feeling comfortable. Mother has not been real well, some [[?]] age, [[?]]
will her bones but [[?]] up, this week her kidneys had to keep her bad one day but saut and got
medacine at once and we gave it all day, so she sat up and sewed all day, and is up this morn, but
4 very willing to let May the dear girl take charge at the cellar work for I cannot and Edna has to
attend the cooking and [[^hey?]] may other children
May is sitting near me darning her socks ad requests me the girls her lose and wishes she could
see you I inform her she will have to remain until hall, William is writing for her to hurry back
there and [[Banic?]] in [[hasting?]] a time with her [[?]] [[?]] and help, and think May could
straighten all out if she was there So i am fearful she may not remain much longer but rest
assured we will
5 do other part to keep her She will be at [[Gracies?]] next week for G in going to make her a
duck. May took me up to Ollie's one day last week first time I had been there since Feb. Ed in
about the same Ollie not so very well is troubled at times with rheumatic almost suffer time, that
I would finish filling the sheet [[?]] afternoon but did not and must crawl down stairs and see if I
can release the girls as they wish to go up to the City this Eve, as Archie is going to Loge, Write
soon and when you can, and hope my see you in Aug.
Loving Sis Dell

[[written in margins]]

All join me in love
[[/written in margins]]

6 Did not get this off, and happened to think of you [[?]] that I am sorry to know but am not
surprised, that [[?]] Devore has completely broke up also used all his sister money and [[?]] ha
and I do [[?]] forted, for Grandpa went over to Indianapolis on business and went to call on them
and found some other people in front of the house and that lady informed him that Mr had gone
down in the City where his wife and children [[?]] to see one of his daughters that was very low
with fever, and his sister was out [[?]] for something so putting this

[[written in margins]]
and that together such must be the case and so sorry for [[?]] Mr. G for think has [[?]]