File #2317: "CAC_CC_039_1_1_30_0011.pdf"


Box 1, Folder 30, Item 11, Letter to Dick T. Morgan from Evan Heath. (1907 April 23)

Covington, Indiana, April 23, 1907.
Dear Dick:I received a letter, yesterday, from the party whose name appears on the inclosed [[sic]]
envelope, and I write you at this request, to implore you to not write to anybody in these parts, or
tell anybody who would likely write to anybody in these parts or, themselves, likely be in these
parts soon as to his whereabouts. He simply says life is too short to try to spend any more of it
with a woman who makes it as unpleasant as his wide has been making his. He said he had met
He is his wife’s fourth husband; the first, so far as I know, having died a natural death; the
second, I’ve been informed committed suicide; the third, I know, committed suicide and this
poor cuss is simply trying to get a breath of fresh air, “in self defense”. The wide is worth much
more than he is, he has no children by him and it is not a case of leaving a family in want. So, if
you will be absolutely mute as to his whereabouts, it will be taken as a favor both by he and
myself, as he has always been a good friend of mine.
Will write you, in a few days, further in regard to that 60th wedding anniversary-- soon as I get
out home again and talk some with the folks.
Just drop inclosed [[sic]] letter in your Post Office.
As ever