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Box 1, Folder 31, Item 9- Letter to Ora Morgan from Clemmer Morgan (1907 June 17)

Oklahoma, June 17Dear Mama:It certainly looked as if I am starting the week aright by beginning my letter before nine o'clock
Monday morning. I never felt quite so far behind [[?]] very carries condense. It is very seldom I
get discouraged by my marry duties but the last week has been one of the few [[trials?]] where
discouragement has come. I have been so over whelmed with my work and outside duties that
[[?]] just given up for this week and am going to recuperate a little to the neglect of every thing
else. There is the Christian Endeavor Convention this week and we were asked to keep two
delegates, a monthly meeting of general Aid at the church this afternoon, commencement
exercises at Epworth University (Crete gives all oration Wed. Night) a reception Thursday for
Mrs. Smith [[elp-elp?]] but I just decided to lean out every thing and rest.
Mrs. Museller came last Friday night. Crete asked
if she might ring her here Saturday to do a little serving in Curtis commencement Clothes, so
they were here all day. We had invited Benedicts over for dinner Saturday night. I had wanted to
have them ever [[strikethrough]]y[[/strikethrough]] since I had been staying with Mrs. Benedict
so much. You can imagine how full Saturday was. And I might fill several pages explaining how
each day for past two week has been just about as full as [[?]] I deserve a rest.

I certainly appreciated your gift to me. According to my usual custom it is already hanging by
my dresser for a hair receiver was something I did no possess. had made several but gave them
all away. guess I especially appreciated my gifts this year for I have not made (given rather) any
birthday gives for a year and I was glad to be remembered in spite of that fact. Porter had a
picture of Niagara Falls framed for me.
I am looking for Harlan
3 next week. No doubt grandma brogan is very happy to be in her house again. She will enjoy it
as much as a visit. Suspect you folks are loving a fine visit together over a great [[?]] good things
to eat. I should like to put my teeth in some Indiana fried chicken I mustn't take more time for
this letter now. We shall expect a note from you each week at least and shall enjoy a long letter
when you can write me.
Your daughter,
Clemmer D. Morgan