File #2366: "CAC_CC_039_1_1_31_0010.pdf"



Box 1, Folder 31, Item 10- Letter to Ora and Dick T. Morgan from Porter Heath Morgan (1907
June 17)

June 17-'07
Dear Mama and Papa:Here it is Monday again. I haven't been feeling very well today- have a sort of a headache. Today
I filed my divorce case of which I told you a few weeks ago. My client had not been in the
Territory a year until the 15th of this month and so we filed the writ today. The Defendant has
[[strikethrough]]about[[/strikethrough]] at least Three-thousand dollars worth of property here
and possibly more we don't know of. I am going to get an order restraining him from disposing
of any of it, and am going to get an order for him to pay 100.00 atty fees right away. Then I have
a contract with her for 1/3 of all she gets out of him. So I think I stand a fair show to get a good
fee out of the case- but, as they say, "there's many a [[?]]" Mr Caule was in Friday to get my final
discussion regarding "Sec 13"- I finally told hime to come [[?]] the boy go up, enabling

his residence and they a little while and then he could get a leave of absence. Thats a [[?]] of
compromise view of the matter. I am still a little [[?]] about adjuring him to go on and live on the
claim for any length of time and spend any greater amount of money there. [[?]]. H Lynds such a
woman to me Wednesday and I spent some little time on that. She had given a real estate man
200.00 on a real estate deal, he had backed out [[strikethrough]]good[[/strikethrough]] mainly
because the property in question had been sold he took her money and then he refund to give her
back her money. I spent some little time on that, but the woman got [[?]] or something and
wouldn't let me [[?]] him. Sunday School went pretty well yesterday we had 3:20 some odd in
attendance. I got along pretty well with my boys. Had 12 percent with a collection of 55 cents.
Could be we just how well. I [[?]] getting along with them, but no fun, we seem to "give" pretty
well. Crete and Mrs. Museller spent the day with us Saturday- Mrs M. Gad a little
viewing to do an com down to do it and they staid most of the day. Guess Clemmer and they had
a good time. Young Bolen and I have a case coming up in Probate Court Thursday- if our client
shows up at all. He went down in I.T. someplace and we didn't find out just where he was until
the middle of last week. Have sent word to him but haven't heard from him yet. It's that case
where the man bought some linament put it on his arm and gangrene set in. We have sued for
$999.00 and ought to get judgement for four or five hundred. Suppose you had a good trip

mama, and are having a fine visit. you must write us soon an account of the good times you had
on the 15th. Clemmer write to you today but I will send this to Papa and get him send this on to
you. Guess, I am in a poor letter writing mood today for I can think of only a few things to write
about. So will close.
Your loving son,