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Box 1, Folder 31, Item 11-Letter to Ora Morgan from Dick T. Morgan (1907 June 18)

Woodward, Okla.
June 18, 1907.
My Dear Ora:
This is Wednesday evening. I have been to practice and I am home- its about 9 o'clock and I will
write you and mail to-night as I feel intended to get you a letter off- before this. I have not heard
from you since your card at Danville. But I am expecting a good long letter everyday. Well, to
being I had a card from Ma when she arrived at T.H. she got there at 2 oclock at night staying all
night at
Kansas City. I saved you the card. No doubt she feels very proud of herself. I will write her
tomorrow I think, Mr. and Mrs Swinehach left on early train this morning. They desired to be
remembered to you. Sunday [[?]] was about as usual. We had a 96 at S.S. Sunday night I left
[[?]] Church early and hurried over to Baptist church to get to hear their Children's Day Services.
It was quite good- but too long as usual. I send you a program, Mr. Morgan sang very well.

Our practice has been going on every night this week- [[?]] I found we were not getting along
very well. We little ones meet early and the young folks later. I think [[?]] will get in pretty well
practiced up by Sunday night Here I was interrupted by a trip home hall from Mr. Sharp who
wanted to know what our S.S> would think of having a union pie-tie sometime next week. He
though we might go up ([[?]]) He [[?]] road to [[Wyanoka?]] about 20 miles. I told him I would
talk it over with our people and let him know. Mrs. Wallace's boy is here- He is a right nice
young man- and rather bright. he came down to the office and I had quite a little talk with him.
Well, how did he [[?]] go off? You must tell me all about it. And you must write me often also. I
hope you are well and having a good time. We had big rain yesterday- rained all afternoon and
some last night. Had a letter this every from Porter and I enclose it to you, as he requests, I have
not written him yet this week, but hope to get one off to him to-night- as I had it partly written.
My stomach trouble bothers me a good deal last week but I am all right now. Love to all and
love and kisses to you in abundance Your loving husband,