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Box 1, Folder 31, Item 12- Woodward Baptist Church Children's Day Program (1907 June 16)

Annual Childrens Day Programme.
Woodward Baptist Sunday School
June 16, 1907.

Prelude Miss Berta Lee Mudson
Song "All Hail the Power" Congregation and School
Psalm 23 Congregation and School
Prayer Rev. T.G. Netherton
Recitation "Our Children's Day" Miss Lois Cooley
Song "Our Children's Day Carrol" School
Responsive Scripture Led by F.K. Tucker
Recitation "My Garden" Ella Wade
Recitation "Selected" Opal Colbert
Song "March Away" Shcool
Recitation "The Sun Always Shining" Winnie Davis

Song "We'll Try to Make Jesus Glad" Primary Classes 1 & 2
Recitation "Life's Lesson" Edmon Davis
Exercise "A Children's day Service" By Class 4
Recitation "Don't Give Up" Herbert Davis
Song "We'll Never Give Up" Juniors Chorus
Recitation "Grandma Pays the Bill" Nellie Day
Exercise "Kindness" Primary Classes
Recitation "How to be Happy" Justina Burkett
Song "Onward with Banners" School and Class 3
Exercise "Christian Warriors" Class 3
Solo "Selected" Margaret Stump
Exercise "Sharon's Rose" Class 5
Song "The Sweet Rose of Sharon" Class 4
Recitation "Boy Wanted" Dyas Kenney
Song "Crown Him" School
Remarks Superintendent
Offering For Sunday School Missions Everyone
Solo "The Light of the world" Mr. W.B. Morgan

Exercise "Christ the Center" Class 6
Song "In the Cross of Christ I Glory" Congregation
Benediction Pastor

First Baptist Church
Woodward, Oklahoma.
Regular Service to which we cordially invite you:
Sunday School 9:50 a.m.
Preaching 11 a.m.
Young Peoples meeting 7:15 p.m.
Preaching 8 p.m.
Prayer services each Wednesday 8 p.m.
T.G. Netherton, Pastor.
One block South, one block West of Post Office.