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Box 1, Folder 31, Item 13- Letter to Dick T. Morgan from Ora Morgan (1907 June 24)

June 24, '07

Dear Dick:- It's a shame not to have gotten this off sooner, but I consider I have a pretty good
reason. Guess I'll proceed at once and tell, to what I refer. Last Thursday afternoon I [[?]] with
quite a painful accident. I was up in Dell's room, alone, had taken my hair down to comb, when I
though of something I wanted to look, about my dresskirt I had on and stepped on a chair in front
of the mirror to be careful of the chair I stood on the edges, one foot, my left, proving to be too
close to the end, so that when I went to get down

[[written in margins]]
I did not receive your last letter until [[?]] morn:(Mon. Morn.).
[[/written in margins]]

it slipped off. I managed, in some way, to save my self a hard fall forward, across the foot of the
bed, but the edge of the chair plowed through my stocking ('twas a right new pair of stockings,
too!) tearing the skin off of the whole front of my leg, from the top of my shoe to my knee. I was
immediately thrown into perfect agony, knew I must do something, so managed to get down

stairs. (Ma and Dell were down there). I was afraid the black hose would poison the wound, so I
first washed it off in tepid water, pressing the wound what I could, and put [[?]] on it. Harp had
some preparation of vaseline and carbolic acid, tc., and I commenced with that at bedtime, along
with pain liniment, but returned that the liniment rather irritated it (the alcohol in it, I think) so I
quit using it, some (Tuesday). and used Camphor instead. I am going to send and get some
2 I have managed to get around about the same as if there was nothing the matter- Sure, (yes) we
ere all invited to Cousin Gracie's to spend the day (she is the one who lives in Covington, you
know, charge of dress-making department in one of the stores there). Pa, ma, and I went in ahead
of the others and went to church (I guess I didn't limp) we all went to Grace's but Archie. Bert,
Serelda, Charlie Rabb and Evan were also there- Cousin Ollie invited, but could not come. [[?]]
is name of their minister now- well I believe, preach out here at Chapel
[[underline]]once[[/underline]] a mo., here after- at least for a time- he's quite good- Cousin May
knew he and his wife, Dell tells me, at [[?]] they seem to be keeping up the services quite well in
C. which greatly please me. Ma said she hadn't been in to church since I was
here that other time and we three went. We had a fine dinner and pleasant time at Gracie's only
my limb didn't feel very good- when it healed a little ti began to feel so stiff that is the reason I
use something greasy as well as something in way of a liniment- then last eve. it had swollen
some, so that it feel somewhat as if there wooden. Tues. morn:- Pa is going to town soon, so I
will close this and send this much on or twill be too long in getting you a letter. I noticed, last
night, when I undressed my feet that the swelling was somewhat worse- the swelling is
principally in my ankle- also, that there was kind of a purple place on middle ankle down near
my foot, which worried me al little- some like place, this morning, near my toes. I attribute that

trouble to me being on my feet- I helped wash yesterday morning- will try and keep off my feet
more. I took a large cloth and hot water this morning
3 after breakfast and bathed well from my knee down, washing the sore with tar soap, and
afterward applying turpentine. Pa will set me the arnica to-day. My whole limb feels affected, of
course, and really feels worse than it has at any time so far. I will do the best I can and that is all
I can do, of course I hope the worst will soon be over, and regret that it ever happened on this
account:- I had hoped to help others while I was here, then to be a burden in any [[?]] is more for
me to bear than reasons I can stand- more for me to bear than the hurt. Edna is away no, you
know, that Archie's cousin, who is here now, is not well- especially this morning- Guess it is a
good thing we washed her.
mom. I wouldn't have gave any place else, but I helped to complain and disappoint everybody,
we are invited to Cousin Ollie's Thursday. I have received everything you have sent, I guess, in a
way of mail many think I see the territorial Cov. of Church is Sept. 2 5 5 . By the way {what do
you think/do you know?} the Okla. Port has been coming here, addressed to you, ever since- last
Summer I presume. But you may send such others so you [[?]] McKay needn't think big or their
snobbiness, I guess is a good word in that case, will keep me from going farther than Kan. City.
you didn't answer me whether you went to the Japanese social. I will not surmise where you are
again or what you're doing. I mind it so, the other Sun. eve. how much of the program did you
hear- half? How does this room look this time? I forgot to tel you to keep the curtain to the closet
closed good, for it keeps out as much dirt and dust. Did you find my trunk keys in a safe place? I
suppose you have rep'd paper of the anniversary 'ere this- Evan sent you one last week."Indianapolis News" aren't the pictures splendid? I was so afraid something would

4. happen the papers that I didn't intend Evan should send them but thought to secure them and
take them home. The "Covington Friend" contained a nice, and more lengthy article, but no
pictures. I haven't a clue of that, so far, but have spoken for one, to Evan. Now don't forget to
[[?]] that "Ind. News" away for safe keeping, if you have open and store it in the little trunk. At
least safely keep the pictures and articles part, please. How are you getting along about the
[[underline]] town[[/underline]] and [[underline]] other article[[/underline]]? Now don't fail to
answer all my questions, please. Pa didn't get off to town this morning, so i have kept on- and
haven't written all yet. If any of you grown folks go to that union S.S. picnic I shan't
like it, for you all played out last Summer when we had ours. Are you going? You didn't say, so I
s'pose you are. Ma, in her letter, said when I got rested to write and tell her how i got along on
my trip, and when I would be down to visit them. Now that I have this trouble on hand, I feel
decided not to take that trip, Ma told me, the other day, that when I wrote to you she wanted me
to especially express thanks, her thanks, I believe she said, to you for that letter of
congratulations to she and pa, adding it was such a good letter. Yes, I will write more particularly
of the anniversary. I must close, now, I guess- fear now this is more than you will get attended to
read, answered to., Dinner is ready, so good by.