File #2386: "CAC_CC_039_1_1_31_0014.pdf"



Box 1, Folder 31, Item 14- Letter to Ora Morgan from Dick T. Morgan (1907 June 20)


[[written in upper left hand corner]]
I write of house before supper as I want to take this down when I go [[upper?]] more
[[/written in upper left hand corner]]

Woodward O.T.
Dear Ora:
Your letter came this morning- and I was glad to hear from you, and glad that every thing went
off well- though you did not send me the particulars- Guess you will do that later. Perhaps the
paper will have something in it. If so send it to me- of there is one to spare. Glad you have
written ma. I [[must?]] write her to-night. It has been raining all day to-day nearly- which with
yesterday's rain makes it quite damp and muddy. I told your last [[strikethrough]]Saturday
[[/strikethrough]] ^nights letter as to the practice this when last week [[?]] did not practice after
Wednesday evening. We practiced last Sunday afternoon. The services [[?]] And at morning

were pretty well attended, but at night the audience was not quite as large as usual- suppose this
was on account of Children's Day [[?]]- at Baptists. I think the rain will prevent any practice this
evening. I send you Porters first letter- and some papers. I have purchased them at store- hatcost $1.50. I [[looked?]] at store hats at Enid but could not get one to suit and came home and
bought one hat did not suit me- a "suitor" I think they call them- a stiff hat- you bought knowthey seem to be [[underline]] all the go [[/underline]]. Mr. DeFrees also has bought one and i
have no news to tell at Bourne House. I hope you can get this Saturday night as mail should go
fast as a person [[?]]. Love to all- Your loving husband- Dick.