File #2391: "CAC_CC_039_1_1_31_0015.pdf"



Box 1, Folder 31, Item 15- Letter to Ora and Dick T. Morgan from Porter Heath Morgan (1907
June 24)


June, 24-'07
Dear Mama and Papa:Guess the first thing in order is to congratulate you, papa, on the increase in salary- as you say
the best things always come more unexpectedly. Looks like it ought to amount to about 1000.00
this summer, don't it?
I haven't been doing much this morning- haven't felt someway like settling down to work- went
out to maywood to see a woman about the collection of a note- then went down to a second [[?]]
store to see the proprietor, who bought some home [[?]] goods the other week which were under
mortgage deed by one of my clients. The mortgage being on record when he bought then. would

bring [[?]], but the [[underline]] 2nd[[/underline]] bond man has sold the goods already. So i
guess I will have to see him in conversion. Is that right? Think [[?]] we will
be able to come to some sort of a compromise, [[?]] Thats one of the cares which came to me
Friday. Thursday a fellow came in wanting a divorce- will be a default case. He will be in on the
first of the month. Then one of my Capitol Hill [[?]] was in yesterday to see about a small care
involving about $20.00. Wanted to know what his chances for recovery were- he said he would
decide by the first of the week whatever he would [[?]][[?]] or not. Then I had and tried one trial
last week. [[?]] it for a negro church against their treasurer who refuses to turn over funds in the
treasury. Got judge ruled against him for $18.00. Then during the week, I had a divorce trial- had
it Monday and by Thursday evening had a property settlement agreement argued. Got about a
thousand dollars wroth of property for the woman. Don't know just when I will get my fee from
the woman, because she can't [[?]] money and the stuff I got for her consisted of form lost and
the household furniture. Sunday School is dropping off now- i supposed on account of the hot
weather- and besides so many people are leaving for the summer. Had fourteen boys in my class
last sunday with 75 [cent symbol] collection. Had a meeting of the

men's club Thursday night- it rained about all evening, but there were 18 present and we went
ahead and adopted a constitution J.H.O. continues to please- [[?]] his [[?]] even not exactly what
[[strikethrough]]we[[/strikethrough]]I enjoy. As long as he pleases [[?]] most of them, I stand
high. Suppose you remember Harris of Perry, who went to run a [[dairy]] wagon and attended
our church. Met him on the street Friday got him up to the office and we had a right good
[[talk?]]- [[?]] I was very busy that morning. As regards [[?]], one o fly negro fiends promised to
bring a woman to me the first of this week who wants a divorce-So you see I am in a fair way to
become quite a "divorce lawyer". Glad to hear that the El Reno property is coming along as it
should. Have been intending to write a [[?]] letter to mama, but the way things have been going I
haven't had the time- so will ask you to forward this to mama. haven't heard from, you mama,
yet- would like to be [[?]] that you got there safely. Haven't heard from Uncle Fred for a long
time. Suppose they [[?]] getting along all O.K. As you can see, I have ran out of news an dos will
close. Hope this finds you both well. your loving son,
P.S.Probably you had telling everyone about $60.00 in you next letter, papa.