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Box 1, Folder 31, Item 16- Letter to Ora Morgan from Dick T. Morgan (1907 June 24)

Woodward, Okla.,
June 24, 1907.

My Dear Wife:
This is Monday evening and I will write you and take it down and wait to-night. I wrote you last
Thursday evening and thought may be you would get the letter Saturday evening. Did you?
We practiced Friday evening, but Saturday evening it rained- on a storm came up- so as to
prevent people from coming though it did not rain much Sunday morning cause Sunday school82 present- nearly $5.00 collection- children's day. Then at # 2 o'clock we met for practice. The
church service was fairly well attended. Mrs. Stewart (from country) Miss Austin, From.
McKinney, and than some other's inquire of you and while i think o fo it I will state that Miss.
Bourne, [[?]]-Weiss- Morgan and [[?]] have inquired several times of you. In practicing and
decorating etc. I spent virtually all the afternoon in the church. About 4 o'clock I walked down
street as far as the office, to take some rest and get some twine. It was quite warm Sunday p.,.

After other had left Mr. [[?]] did some decorating and it was 6:30 when I came over for supper.
We had put in extra chairs, and we had a crowded house. The exercises went good. Mrs. Daniels
class did well. The girls that took the Song and Drill shown in the book for boys did very
The flower drill buy your ladies and the daisies was perhaps the best part so far as [[?]]
entertaining. The flower drill was well performed. Mr. Fara took a great deal of time and pains
and I appreciate his help. The collection [[strikethrough]]fr [[/strikethrough]] at night was $9.69
which I thought was very good- as it made a total of about $14.00. We got out a little before 10
o'clock. and Naturally Mr. McKinney and I were the last to leave. So when I came home I was
well tired out- and I felt you would excuse me from not writing then, But I think you can look for
a Sunday letter after this. Well as to [[?]]- while we were
practicing last week, Mr. Weiss and Mr. DeFrees generally had a game before supper. Mr.
DeFrees seemed "awfully" awkward at first but he is improving. Mr. Wadsworth is back here at
the office and this evening after office hours he, Jesse, Mr Weiss, and myself played a game. So
far no ladies have joined us in our game- and I guess [[strikethrough]]we[[/strikethrough]] we

will have the grounds to ourselves all the season. We have fixed up very good grounds down at
[[?]] or near the office- or the back part of a lot-opposite the Last office.
Before you left you new Mr. Wiggins and I had been asked by the Commissioner to recommend
a [[?]] stenographer- we finally last week sent
in the name of Miss Nay, To-day we had a letter from the com, that they would send this office a
permanent stenographer about July 1. who would be a regular clerk in the office. They did not
give the name- so we don't know who it will- and we had wondered if they might bot do away
with the temporary stenographer- having decided to send one here permanently.
This is about all new at the Loud office- as I remember we are getting along pretty well with our
work. The weather here has not been especially warm here yet. At the Bowne house there is
nothing especially new. Mrs. Pruett left this morning- I don't know how long she is to stay away
6. We have a new boarder and roomer- a Miss Hardin- a lady about 40 years old. She is from
Ky- She came to Brower county to get a filing on a claim her father had filed on. Another man
had filed on half the land- so she was in a mix up- She came over there to get it straightened upand got room up here, She is the greatest talker you ever saw- and thinks ever body is trying to
swindle her. We had a time with her at the office- she seemed to think something was wrong

here. I don't know how long she will be here- but I hope not long as she is kind of a nuisance- in
her continued talk, she seems a sort of nervous wreck- and seems to imagine because she is from
Ky- she knows more than nay body else. Mrs. Bowne said this
evening that she would quit giving meals when her girl left- possibly Saturday- though that
seems to be yet uncertain. I have not heard from Fogg yet about the pictures, nor about whether
he rented the lower rooms of the Land Office to Mrs. B. Well i have written you quite a lengthily
letter- and i have tried to write you one that would be like you like to get. It is now 10:20 and I
guess I had better stop. I so far have not succeeded very well n getting to bed early, Last night I
thought I would never get to sleep. So I will try and make up to-night
8 I got paper in depot: News- write Pa and Ma's [[picture?]] and appreciate it very much They
looked very natural and I thought the picture good for newspaper picture. Now, write me often.
With Love and Kisses
your affectionate husband,
Love to all.