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Box 1, Folder 31, Item 17- Letter to Ora Morgan from Dick T. Morgan (1907 June 28)


Woodward, Okla.
June 28, 1907
9:30 p.m.

My Dear Wife:
Your good letter came to hand. I was very glad to get it. But I was so sorry to learn of your
accident. [[?]] you had a narrow escape. For your injuries might have been very serious. I hope
you have quietly recovered. You must be very careful not to get the injured parts poisoned in any
way. Sorry i can not be here to doctor you. You must be careful hereafter. Well, I am sick myself
this evening. I have had a little kind of a "[[?]]" in my left lung or over it. For several days. I
have been putting liniment on it. It seems to have worked downward. and the evening after
supper it appeared to get worse and I came up to the room and laid down- but I could not get
ready so I got up in the chair and Finally I got [[strikethrough]]easy[[/strikethrough]] free from

pain- and concluded I would write you a letter for I had laid off to write you one to-night. I guess
your [[?]] for awhile staid two letters per week. I am writing with a pencil because I can sit [[?]] I
will probably not write you a long letter to-night. And will wait till Sunday to "answer all your
questions" The Ky Lady I told you about went away
the next day after I wrote you. She I guess was a very nice lady- but she was rather be laughing
[[?]] of all who met her on account of her tracking protection.
A Mr. and Mrs Mordy, with a little girl of about [[?]] years, is here resting. They are from Kan.
City. He is an artist- paints [[?]] for [[?]][[?]], etc. They seem to be very nice people and the little
girl is exceptionally nice. I had a letter from Porter this morning and I send it to you, as he
requests. That's funny about [[underline]] The Post [[/underline]]. Well, it contains most of the
territorial news and you will [[?]][[?]], it. So, we will first let it go while you are [[?]]. There are
no new boarders here. Mr. Weiss is now in the room reading papers. This morning he asked
about you and asked to be remembered to you. I did not go to the Japanese [[?]]. The [[?]] had
one last night- but I did not go. Saw Bro. McKinney this evening he said he had a rather [[?]]
Bro. Trimble an the is to be married to a Miss--Somebody- [[strikethrough]]got[[/strikethrough]]
a singer- but not Miss Baily and was going to California to work on [[?]] Train, Ain't this good.

Did Porter and Clemmer send any letter or presents to the [[?]]. Well, Ora I must close for tonight. I hope your injuries are well and that you are enjoying yourself. I think very trouble is not
serious I send love and kisses. Your true and affectionate husband. Dick.