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Box 1, Folder 31, Item 18- Letter to Ora Morgan from Dick T. Morgan (1907 June 30)

Woodward, Okla
June 30, 1907
My Dear Ora:

It is now about 4 p.m. After dinner I sat out over the porch. for an hour I expect- talking in turns
to Mr. Weiss, DeFrees, and the Mr. Mordery [[?]] here. We had fried chicken for dinner, but I
did not eat very heartily. Then, I came up to the room and [[?]] to this quiet ont. put a paper [[?]]
for [[?]][[?]]- Just as I would do if you were here to see that I did it right- and tried to take a little
sleep- rested for awhile but diid not sleep much- if any. I got up and went and got a pitcher of
drink commenced this letter, they are
2 having the usual Sunday base ball game. and having been sending forth their cheers all p.m.
This morning I was at breakfast by eight o'clock took my usual trip to P.O. and came back and
this to S.S. We had to say surprise 97 at S.S. I supposed after children day this would be a [[?]]
off. but it may be the tack of a price [[?]] had some effort. By the Way. I guess the proposed

picture to my awake will not be taken. The Baptist have voted against it on account of the
expense, and to have taken no action, but some object or account of the expense. I think it were
be rather expensive. The round trip would be $1.00 for adults, 50 cts for children under 11 years.
THe church services were, I think, a little better attended than usual. But some [[?]] I did not
think the sermon hardly as good as usual. Going backward, Saturday I feel [[?]] good but after
office hours, Mr. [[?]] Inspector and special agent, here now, and I played a couple of games of
croquet down on the grounds at the office. Possibly the [[?]] over or at least something thought
or the [[?]] in my left hand and side- It hurt so bad I had to
4 have Mr. Weiss, who was looking to finish over the game. I was not easy at supper tired out
meant 15 to total, but have to lean it. Mr. DeFrees brought up my move- and offered about an
hour I got easy. I went down town at about 8:45 and got shaved and was feeling very
comfortable. After I came back I stopped on the porch awhile- to sit and rest- Ralph was eating a
late supper on at supper time he was too sick to eat- seems he got over- he ate in the after noon.
[[?]] [[?]] 90 in the [[?]] about the warmest weather

we have had- it staid at 85 in our room this p.m. So Ralph came out to the porch and we had
quite a talk- and to our surprise it was 11:20. As ^I was a rather weak I concluded to postpone
my back until this morning- So I bathed before breakfast this morning. The trouble in my breast
didn't seem to be in my lungs, but on the surface. I think it some kind of muscular
[[rhemuation?]]. So you can see why I am writing with a soft lead pencil- it seems a little easier
to write.
So new comers to the Bourne House- Since I wrote you. I have been notified that the trustees of
6 Oklahoma c.U. will meet Friday- but I do not think I will go this time- as its a hard trip- and
the side trouble may not be entirely gone. The Republican State Convention is called to meet at
Tulsa July 12, and I think I will attend. Well, i think I have given you all the news, and I will
take up your letter and try to answer your questions. For I really want to make my letters just as
interesting as possible and as [[?]]yo you as I can make them. No double, you had a very pleasant
time at Cousin groves. I wonder how [[?]] bring
7 with you very much. by the way when you visit your relations and friends with whom I am
acquainted remember me to them. They have always treated me so well, and I have always
appreciated the kind heartened. As to the Baptist entertainment I heard that most of it- visually
all of it as they had [[?]] commenced when I got here. They were very late to [[?]]. When I went
over to our church Bro. McKinney thought I had ought to go- as I was county President and for

the reason as well as from the fact that I wanted to see their exercises as we went to fellow the
next Sunday evening,
Well, the room- it does for me- but it would not for you. The paper on the trunk look a little like
they have been treated in an Oklahoma breeze. and some thing am a little on of order on the [[?]]
but it the mean the room is looking all right- except you are not here to give life to the picture. I
shall in some way have the paper disposed of and think I will keep things in reasonably fair
shape. Your trunk keep I put in it [[?]] of my desk at the office- When I think they are safe.
Before [[?]]
asked me I had already carefully presumed [[?]] town- [[?]] it is one of your dressing case
gowns. I am having my gowns and under clothing tased every week- and have followed your
instructions about caring the gown. the socks seem to be doing fine- don't seem to be wearing
any [[?]]. As to visiting our folks, I know Ma and the rest would appreciate your visit, and I think
you had better go. I am glad Mother appreciated my letter. I am sure I meant all I said and could
have said more- and then not exaggerated any regard for them. (For closing page see back of
page 5.)

Page 10
Don't read this page until others are read.
I found i got mixer and [[?]] this page- at church this morning Grandma Gray asked where you
were- The did not seem to know you were away. I shall be [[?]][[?]] your injuries until I hear you
are well, and I hope this will be soon. I brought me a 10 et. pair of scissors- at the new 10 cent
store I thought they would do to cut newspaper clippings and your scissors were not to be found.
Going back to the purposed pic-pic I really have not expected to go although you know i wanted
have been out here last year had arranged. It will be three weeks Tuesday since you left- so
nearly 1/3 of the time for your absence is over- But I want you to have a good time while you are
gone. Well, it is now 6:15 p.m. I have spent about 2 hours in writing this letter- but I have
enjoyed writing to you. Now, write often. Your affection and loving husband Dick.