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The Life and Legacy of Dick T. Morgan (1).mp4
On February 15, 2020, the Plains Indians & Pioneers Museum played host to a presentation by Mr. David Morgan about his great-grandfather Dick T. Morgan who was a figure of some prominence here in early Northwest Oklahoma.

David Morgan's…

Click this to watch the video!

Click this to watch the video!

Talk on early six-term U.S. Congressman Dick Morgan Oct. 16 _ Guymon Daily Herald.pdf
Front page article about Dick T. Morgan and David Morgan, great-grandson. David Morgan will be speaking before the Guymon Rotary Club at the Ambassador Restaurant at 1909 U.S. Highway 64 on Oct. 16 at 12 p.m.; before the Panhandle State University…

Family photograph of Dick T. Morgan and all of his siblings.

Portrait of Ora Morgan

Dick T. Morgan's Congressional office

Porter H. Morgan school photograph

Dick T. Morgan and Ora Morgan with others at Yosemite National Park around 1914. Morgan is on the far left sitting second row.

The Dick T. Morgan Law Office when it opened in El Reno, Oklahoma. Left to right: 8th Guerney Sawyer, 9th Dick T. Morgan.

Dick T. Morgan opened a law office at the Rosebud Land Opening in the summer of 1904, South Dakota. Left to right: (1) unknown, (2) Porter Morgan, (3) unk, (4) Mrs. Porter Morgan, (5) unk, (6) Ora H. Morgan, (7) unk, (8) Dick T. Morgan

Woodrow Wilson signing a document. Dick T. Morgan is standing just to the left of the white vase of flowers (center)

David and Kenyon Morgan visiting the Carl Albert Congressional Center on August 3, 2018. In this image: David and Kenyon Morga, JA Pryse, and Mike Crespin.

David and Kenyon Morgan visiting the Carl Albert Center Archive on August 3, 2018. In this image is Kenyon Morgan, Chuck Finocchiaro, and JA Pryse.

Article published in the Alva Review-Courier Newspaper in Alva, Oklahoma by David D. Morgan. The article covers Dick T. Morgan's history with the Free Homes Act and the impact the process had on the State of Oklahoma.
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