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  • Collection: Scrapbooks and Bound Materials, 1886-1920 - Box 9

Burgundy ledger with word Ledger on cover in gold, alphabetical tabs on right and white lines paper on inside; includes handwritten notes and clippings regarding pensions paid to soldiers and their families,

Black and white image of a group of US Congressmen with two British Generals from left to right: Thomas D. McKeown (OK); Thompson: Ferris; General William Smith; Carter; General Patsy O'Neal; Hastings; McClintic; Dick T. Morgan (OK); Howard; Briggs…

Black and white images of a man and woman with a covered American Christian Missionary Society buggy and two horses. The woman in the image is cooking on the ground on an open fire, Man is in a suit standing in front of the buggy. On the back of…

Black and white images of Dick T. Morgan in a suit and tie on the back of the image: 1853-1921

Black and white images of Dick T. Morgan in a suit and tie on the back of the image: 1853-1920

Honorable Dick T. Morgan Republican Candidate for Congress Pamphlet

Carney for Congress - Judge John J. Carney of El Reno Democratic Candidate for Congress 2nd District

Handwritten notes with one page as "Title", and Sunday subs cost, Alexander costs, Hensley, Sunday School and Austin costs

Handwritten Sunday School Lesson

Typewritten list of minerals and their prices in 1909: Keene's Cement, Gypsum, Glass, Cement, Cotton Cloth, Asphalt, Lead Ore, Zinc Ore, Brick

Handwritten notes written on brown paper with quotes and verses, and names on the alternate side D.B. Brown about Record

Type written messages and notes "A Message to heaven" by D.J. Sommerville, "Family Financieering" by Selected, and "Infidele Confesion" by D.J. Sommerville

Handwritten and hand drawn recipes for float and cake

The Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States, Annual Notice of Dividend for policy 269804 on the 17th December, 1906 in the amount of $557.00 for annual premium

Street Commissioner's Receipt for Poll Tax Paid for Dick T. Morgan sigbed by J.P. Harrington, Street Commissioner on June 13, 1899 in Perry Oklahoma

Handwritten lette from Mrs. B. to Sister Morgan

Handwritten note by Dick T. Morgan "Our household trials are many, But deep is our disgust; When compelled to worship, daily, With this Oklahoma dust."

Two tickets for the Fifth Annual Oklahoma State Fair September 26 to October 7, 1911, in Oklahoma City for Honerable Dick T. Morgan and Lady

A Real estate business card with a plat chart on the back and a hand drawn plat numbered 6-11 with names and notes

Two voter registration cards for Dick T. Morgan from 3/27/1908, July 19, 1908, in Woodward, Oklahoma

Black bound notebook with handritten entries, lots of initials of people, musical notes; lyrics.

Flower coverd notebook with handwritten notes and memos ranging from bible quotes to names of people

Calling card from Eva Pearce

Loose note pages grouped together handwritten by Dick Morgan

Small notebook with handwritten entries which appear to be notes, account information and personal memos. The front of the notebook is inscribed Dick T. Morgan, there is also a cut out from a newspaper clipping that reads "Congressman Morgan is in…

Small notebook with handwritten entries of counties and a series of numbers under the county headings.

Small notebook with handwritten entries titled "List of Staunch Friends and Willing Workers". The notebook is broken down into counties in Oklahoma.

Small notebook with handwritten entries which appear to be a checking account or bank account from the Commercial National Bank.

Small pocket notebook with handwritten entries. Front of notebook "The Commercial National Bank of Washington D.C". This book is a ledger 1909-1911.

Small pocket notebook with handwritten entries. One entry refers to a subscription to the First Christian Church of Perry, Oklahoma Terriory and other ledger items.

Handwritten notebook with numerous pages of notes about meetings, addresses, Bible verses, and scripture.

Handwritten ledger by Dick T. Morgan dated 4/10/1910 - only a few pages have data and those have been scanned.
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