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  • Collection: Oversized Campaign and Personal Clippings Compiled by Morgan 1882-1918

A bound notebook, 64 pages of newspaper clippings, documents about vote counts in Oklahoma counties cut and glued on paper from 1918. Some handwritten graphs and notes concering campaign votes and campaign activities.

A bound notebook titled "Campaign Notes - Not Personal - Dick T. Morgan, From June 1908"" with 35 pages of cut out news clippings glued to paper from 1908.

A bound handwritten notebook titled "Dick T. Morgan Terre Haute, Indiana, July 12, 1882. This bound notebook appears to be a personal journal by Morgan.

A bound notebook, 40 pages, with newspaper clippings glued to paper for the 1918 year regarding Morgan's campaign.

A bound notebook, 61 pages, hand drawn picture on the front as a man running up a hill to "Congress" away from "the Other Fellow". The notebook holds newspaper clippings 1908 cut out and glued to paper. There are handwritten captions on some of theā€¦
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