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Multiple newspaper articles regarding Dick T. Morgan's campaign for reelection in 1918 to Congress, handwritten notes with names, names of newspapers and dates the articles appeared for some; other newspaper articles are in reference to political…

Multiple newspaper articles regarding Dick T. Morgan speaking engagements in 1916, handwritten notes with names and dates; other newspaper articles are in reference to political concerns and interests in the state of Oklahoma; farming, soldiers

Black and white photograph of group of U.S. Congressmen with two British Generals dressed in suits and uniform: Thomas D. McKeown, Thompson, Ferris, General William Smith, Carter, General Patsy O'Neil, Hastings, McClintic, Dick T. Morgan, Howard, and…

Black and white photograph of Brother and Sister Smedley outside, man is standing in front of a carriage with two horses, carriage has sign on side: American Chrisitian Missionary Society; woman is sitting in front of a fire cooking; they are both…

Black and white photograph of Dick T. Morgan dressed in a suite and tie, facing forward and looking to the side, photo is matted in cream color card and name of photographer logo below in burgundy; G. V. Buck, 1113 F. St. N.W., Washington, DC ; back…

Black and white photograph of Dick T. Morgan, dressed I suit and bowtie, facing forward; below photo is a photo identification label which has Dick T. Morgan typed on the card along with his classification information

Black and white campaign poster for Hon. Dick T. Morgan, features photograph of Dick T. Morgan in profile, and the words "Republican Candidate for Congress" below his name.

Black and white campaign poster for Judge John J. Carney. Features photograph of him in profile and reads: "Carney for Congress, Judge John J. Carney of El Reno, Democratic Candidate for Congress 2nd District," contains campaign slogan

6 brief articles regarding Dick T. Morgan's speaking engagements during his campaign reelection. Handwritten above each article is the name of the paper and date it appeared; one article has photograph of Morgan. Newspaper titles and dates are…

Cream colored paper, first two pages handwritten notes budget information, last page handwritten poetry/verses

Cream colored lined paper with handwritten Sunday school lesson notes

Cream colored paper, first two pages has typed list of building materials and elements with pricing information, last page has continuation of the list in handwritten form

Cream colored paper, first page has name D.B. Browne, second page has handwritten poetry/ verses

Cream colored paper with poem on first page, "Family Financieering", Page two has the song " Infidels Confession," and page 3 has the song "A Message to Heaven." Songs by DJ Somerville

White lined page with recipe for a float is handwritten, second page is plain white with handwritten ingredients; the name L.A. Hall is written on it, last page is a drawing of a table and lantern; the initials PH? are signed below.

Cream colored Annual Notice of Dividend form, policy #269804, dated 12/17/1906 for $557.00

Cream colored paper with a handwritten note: "Not till all the best of life seems past, the best of life begins. Those Clearer thoughts are sun to the soul, what stars are to the night;" A Street Commissioner's Receipt for poll tax paid in work:…

White lined paper partial letterhead due to rip: Letter is to Mr. Morgan from Mrs. B. regarding missing a society meeting.

Cream colored paper with a handwritten verse: "Our household trials are many, but deep is our disgust; when compelled to wrestle daily, with this Oklahoma dust."

Cream colored ticket # 290, Complimentary Fifth Annual Oklahoma State Fair, Sept. 26 - Oct. 7, 1911, Oklahoma City, USA, handwritten in the admit: Hon. Dick T. Morgan; There are two ticket stubs, Field Day And Festival Box Seat, and handwritten is…

Cream colored paper with a grid of 8 squares with names and money amounts written down; Cream colored business card advertising Miller and Williams real estate

Two cream colored Voter Registration forms, filled out by Dick T. Morgan, dated July 8. 1908 and March 27, 1908 for the city of Woodward, Oklahoma, ward 2; both are signed by Morgan and by R.C. Price City Clerk of Woodward

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Black case containing notebook with white lines paper on inside, contains notes regarding music, musical scores, and financial entries

Miscellaneous cards and handwritten minutes to meetings regarding church

Cream name card, Eva Pearce

Cream name card, Florence Harvey.

Red and white holy card with a sentiment: Forgiveness

Blue and white holy card with a sentiment titled: Heaven

Blue and white holy card with a sentiment titled: A Holy Life

Cream name card, Emma S. Beagle.

Cream name card, Mattie E. Wassou.

Cream name card, Carrie Wood.

Pale pink name card, Kate Knight.

Cream name card, Libby Hatten.

Cream name card, Alma A. Armstrong.

Cream name card, Amanda J. Thompson.

Green name card, Milo P. Ward.

White name card with blue streaks and brown smudges around boarder, Rebecca S. Bragdon.

Blue and white prayer card with a sentiment titled: Sanctification

Cream name card, Mary E. Wasson.

Pale green name card, Mary A. Beagle.

Cream name card, Harvey J. Bell.

Cream name card, Miss Ode Hays.

Cream name card, E.W. Heath.

Cream name card, Sade E. McKinney.

Pale green name card, C. Will Finley, U.C.C. Class of '78

Miscellaneous index references, handwritten notes, newspaper clipping
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