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"Pyramid of P'S for Our Potent Pedagogues" - Punctiality, Promptness included by Dick T. Morgan

Handwritten notes for speech "Pyramid of P'S for Our Potent Pedagogues" and some scripture written - Notes by Dick T. Morgan

"Table Showing Business Transactions of the Corporation"

A pamphlet addressing the March 4, 1907 - March 4, 1910 of "The Christopher Columbus Memorial Commission". Includes images of the statue and fountain, "Order of Exercises", a short bio of Christopher Columbus, names of those participating in the…

A pamphlet tiled "The Congressional Club Breakfast" In Honor of Mrs. Wilson includes menu and programme page.

Typewritten speech or statement "The Kiowa Comanche Opening" By Dick T. Morgan with sections: The Proclamation, The Registration, The Drawing, The Notification, Selecting the Claims, Settlement, Conclusion.

At the top of document there is an image of the United States Eagle Emblem. Below image, the document states "The Unveiling of the Monument to Christopher Columbus" and "Washington District of Columbia June 1912".

Typewritten speech "The Value of a Good Nature" by Dick T. Morgan

"United States Dental Association" with Walter F. Hubbard's name written on the card. Card indicates address to N.E. Cor. Baltimore and Charles Sts., Baltimore.

Handwritten speech by Dick T. Morgan "We Honor the Ex-Union Solders"

Booklet of Campaign Advertisement for Dick T. Morgan, published by Authority of the Dick T. Morgan Republican Club of Canadian County at El Reno, Oklahom

An article about Rear Admiral and Mrs. Robert E. Peary invited as guest of honor at the Congressional Club, in which they spoke about the discovery of the north pole.

Ticket to the "National Theatre" on "Women War Workers Appeal!" on December 8th.

1904 Republican national Convention Guest Ticket for Afternoon Session

Dark blue booklet with night skyline and bridge depicted, pages not numbered, includes drawings of destinations, literature, and maps

White booklet with color illustration of Mount Tacoma, train and city, pages not numbered, includes black and white photos and information for destinations, maps, and travel via car or horse

A bill - To provide for current financial requirements of persons worthy of credit - Notes and Proposal

A bound book "A Word to the Wise is Foolish" written by Bert Milton.

A Real estate business card with a plat chart on the back and a hand drawn plat numbered 6-11 with names and notes

Booklet cover with black and white photo of Mount Rainier, pages not numbered, Includes information and photos about Mount Rainier and other destinations in the area

Abstract of Proposed Bill to Provide for Short-Term Low Interest Loans to Farmers and Associated Producers of Necessities

Postcard addressed to
Miss Alice A. Masters
Mt. Vernon Flats
Washington D.C.
Flat 21

Reception Admission for Mr. and Mrs. Morgan for official delegates to the Pan American Financial Conference from the Secretary of State and Secretary of Treasury located at the Pan American Building.

Aid to Federal banks - Morgan has new plan to help farmers secure loans"

Beige booklet with quote of President Taft on cover, 47 pages, includes listings of endorsements by state, pitch to join movement,lists of articles of association, and lists E. Clarence Jones as President of association

Cream colored Annual Notice of Dividend form, policy #269804, dated 12/17/1906 for $557.00

The Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States, Annual Notice of Dividend for policy 269804 on the 17th December, 1906 in the amount of $557.00 for annual premium

A lecture with Mr. Fairchild at the Congressional Club on "Visual Instruction in Character".

A "Brilliant Reception" held for financial delegates on May 25, 1915 at the Pan-American Building.
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